June 29, 2013

I am a researcher!!!



Just want to share about what am i doing right now. Huhuhuhu... So, let's enjoy!!! ^^

Being a researcher is not easy. I have to face lots of obstacles to finish a research. And now, i am doing my research. Hope to finish it by the end of this year and by next year, i'll focus in thesis writing and also publish papers.

In order to graduate, i have to publish at least two papers and attending two conferences. It ain't easy. Isn't it?

Once your research began, it will haunt you till the end... So, be careful if you choose to be a researcher... Hahahaha... Just like me. Almost all the time, i am thinking about my research.

 ^^.... LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

1 comment:

  1. good luck acik...chaiyokkkkkk!!!!, x dpt pakai mask as a doc , jd researcher pon jd r... :)